please come back soon

I cant stop it. I cant even ignore it. I dont even know why. I keep myself updating about the MH370 incident. I tried harder to avoid it, my finger hardly scroll the browser. My thought all goes to them on board. I can say, it always on my mind and I can just let it go.

I cant help myself to sleep. I cant even read all the prayers and hopes. It bring tears to me. Yeahh, knowing me as a cengeng person up close and personal, yes I am. Cengeng!

Lots of versions, lots of people talking, lots of fishy updates, lots ot speculations, lots of hopes and lots of rumours. Dont even know which is which, I keep being rational and try not to speculate anything or something.

come back home soon please

I’ve cried hard. I keep praying for miracle to happens. I keep praying that Allah ease all the pain and His test to us, to them and to me. Bring them back please!

Deep in my heart says, they still there. Breathing the air. Safe. And sound. Or maybe they are facing a tiny difficulties that make them cant connect with us. I keep praying for them to come back safe.

For whatever reasons of the speculations arises, its Allah to deal with. I just want them to come back soon. But if they cant come back home, I just want all of them to be keep in the safe place with their God.

And.. I cant sleep. I totally cant. Please come back soon no matter what.

Ya Allah, Kau permudahkanlah segalanya utk mereka yang terlibat. Kau jauhikanlah mereka dari segala kesulitan. Kau yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Mengasihani.


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