musim musibah atau musibah bermusim?

As salam,

Hola readers 😉

Bercerita tentang tajuk di atas, my two heroes is down with fever. hanafi, almost one week dah demam. plus malam start dedar2 badan. 5hari sekolah, pegi sehari je. ibu ckp xyah pegi, but he try to fight to be stronger. ibu so proud of you my dear darl. and the circulation now activated my hakimi with the fever while hanafi still not 100% cure.

doc says afi’s lung dah ada minor infection. still kena monitor and will go for follow up nxweek. dear readers, pls say a prayer for hanafi and hakimi. thanks a lot. for the 1st time in his life, afi demam sampai macam ni. I cant hold my motherly tears. and still stay up with enche arief to take care both of them. really hope they will recover asap!  insyaAllah..


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