Feel The HEAT!

Yeahhh… Bestari Annual Sports Day will be held this coming Saturday.. Which house will be declared as a CHAMPION?!! I can feel the heat.. Hey bestarians, can you feel the heat too? KIARA, CEMARA, MARGOSA and SAGA, keep on fighting till the end okehhh!!!

It’s the moment of truth you’re giving it all
Standing alone, willing to fall
If you can do it get up and prove it
Get up and show them who you are


Its either CEMARA, MARGOSA, KIARA or SAGA… jeng jeng jengggg…

So, here you go.. this song is for all of you!


2 thoughts on “Feel The HEAT!

  1. Terbaik Cik Na! Teruskan usaha anda!

    • Tq ZA.. enche ipin pun ckp mende yg sama. Hope have enough time to update. After exam, I will update the exam Q pulak..

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